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Grow in your relationship with God by learning to have daily conversations with Him.  Download your copy to begin your journey to being loved by God, led by God and in relationship with God in the way that is authentic to you!  PLUS get a second devotional for even less when you buy the bundle!  Learn to build deep, authentic relationships with other women of faith.
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“My biggest takeaway is that I don’t need to stay stuck in a place I don’t want to be with my relationship with God or with myself or those around me. The tough questions and practical tools to answer them helped me find hope again that God still is talking to me in and through this season.” 

"Hala was able to help me learn what to do with unwanted feelings of anxiety that would come up. She was able to help me learn how to create questions that I can stop and ask myself when certain feelings of frustration come up such as “what does God want me to know about this frustration?” The coaching Hala provided was empowering because it helped me to see that I did have the answers inside of me or when I didn't, I learned better ways of bringing them to God.
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